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We’re the umbrella under which you’ll find tools and technology for live moving image production, live streaming, film scanning, legacy video recorder sales, refurbishment and service, cataloging, storage and distribution of all those files created by making moving images.

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Here’s an idea of what we can do for you:

Motion Picture Film Scanners

We anticipate having a new brand of film scanners to present shortly. If you’re looking for something that handles 8mm-35mm with sound at 4K, please contact us!

FXSYS Particle Transfer Rollers for Scanners and Film Labs

These highly regarded PTRs are available for most models of film scanners, including MWA, DFT (Scanity and Spirit) Cintel, and others.  Click HERE to Learn more about them.  

Click here for Price List and ordering information.  Online ordering available soon.

Archival Quality Reel to Reel and Cassette Video Recorders

Ken Zin (of our Zin VTR Works brand) works on Sony BVU-950 3/4″ Umatic deck with Zinfurbished Ampex AVR-3 2″ Quad recorder in the background. Zin VTR Works services and sells a variety of Zinspected, Zinrepaired and Ultra Zinfurbished reel to reel and cassette video recorders, backed by more than 48 years of experience.  Need machines or need repairs? Contact us! Tell us what you need.

Ken Zin (of our Zin VTR Works brand)


Live Streaming Tools and Tech for On-line, Broadcast, Education, Church

iPad Air2 with Switcher Studio Live Streaming software showing images from iPhones used as cameras. We can supply the software, iPhone/iPad clamps, tripods and other live production accessories, and, if needed, iPhones and iPads. Click here to arrange a demo or get more information.
Live Streaming camera packing featuring JVC "4K" UHD camera
Live Streaming and Live Streaming Sports camera packages featuring either the JVC GY-HM250 or JVC GY-HM250SP “4K” UHD camera and 7 monitor, three batteries, dual battery charger, USB WiFi, pan handle mounted remote zoom/focus/camera control unit, Acebil fluid head and 2-stage tripod, dolly, rain cover, lens protection and cleaning kit.  These cameras enable live streaming directly from the camera, and graphic overlays without needing any external devices.  Prepared Logos and Graphics can be uploaded and displayed live! SP (Sports) model has live scoreboards for various sports.  Scorebot package enables updates from stadium/arena scoreboard controller.  JVC GY-HM250 model has $250 instant rebate through March, 2019. Great for 2019 budget planning. 




















Remote Controlled Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras and controllers

Integrate cameras with NewTek Tricaster, BlackMagic Design ATEM, Ross , Wirecast, vMix, YouTube, mimoLive, Magewell, and a variety of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to distribute your programming.

We provide many brands, including JVC, Sony, PTZ Optics,



Media Management and Storage: On-Premise or “In the Cloud”








Motion Picture and Television Working and Background Props

Our flashscan8.us brand supplied Netflix GLOW-Season 2-Edit Suite on-set, being tested during October 2017 installation for long-term rental through January 2018.  We supplied and installed all equipment seen except the 9″ dual color monitors, which replaced our dual 9″ monochrome units to enable “live” playback of content in color, or a flat color screen for VFX replacement during post production.
Control Room equipment above Netflix GLOW wrestling ring, Season 2, supplied and installed by our flashscan8.us brand, October, 2017-January, 2018. Included working Zinrepaired Sony BVU-800, BVU-820 Umatic editing recorders, Grass Valley Group Model 100 video switcher, Sony PVM rack-mount monitor, rack and several props.

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